Powerchord Episode November 25, 2023


1:00pm - 3:00pm

Ferris and Ian motherfucking Hardacre get maxed out while blasting the newest and most pertinent tunes from all corners of the idiot globe. Special focus on a couple of sweet gigs. SUBMIT YOUR LIFE TO POWERCHORD

Track Listing:

The Ritual of Unholy Descent
Ceremonial Bloodbath · Genesis of Malignant Entropy
Exhumation of the Ominous
Ceremonial Bloodbath · Genesis of Malignant Entropy
Stillborn Entity
Vastum · Inward to Gethsemane
Weedcraftian (Beat By The Odds)
Hoopsnake · Snowmanmoth
Maelstrom Juggernaut
Reversed · Promo 2022
Death Bait
Grave Infestation · Infesticide (Demo)
Autophagy · Bacteriophage
Esoteric Order
Obed Marsh · Innsmouth
Chunk · This Time
Red Death
Waingro · III
Bloodrhine · Bloodrhine
Graveless Yet Dead
Convocation · No Dawn For The Caliginous Night
Black Wound · Warping Structure
Sin In My Heart
Marthe · Further In Evil
Temporal Riff · Bloodwine
Trenchraid · War Mentality
Dymna Lotva · The Land Under The Black Wings: Blood
No Recollection
Urban Disposal · Demo 2023
Slow Motion Collapse
Leaving · Slow Motion Collapse