Powerchord Episode October 7, 2023

The Moon, Sun of the Dead

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman is up with new shit from Fluisteraars, Thantifaxath, Dismal Aura, and Anti-God Hand; live music features on the Morbid Devestation tour with Cavalera Conspiracy and Exhumed, local fundraiser from Gadfly and Lord Wrought, bestial-black carnage at the WISE with Abysmal Lord and Disimperium, the most recent Iron Maiden stop in Vancity, and a label spotlight on the always great Temple of Mystery Records as we bid them adieu. Wall to wall bangers.

Track Listing:

De Maan, Zon van de Doden
Fluisteraars · De Kronieken Van Het Verdwenen Kasteel - II - Nergena
Bestial Devastation
Cavalera Conspiracy · Bestial Devastation
The Antichrist
Sepultura · Bestial Devastation
Open the Abcess
Exhumed · Gore Metal
Plague Bearers
Lord Wrought · To Be Forgotten
My Soul
Gadfly · Apranik
Fortress of Sulfuric Ritual
Disimperium · Grand Insurgence Upon Despotic Altars
Bestiary of Immortal Hunger
Abysmal Lord · Bestiary of Immortal Hunger
Leering Crystal Effigies
Wormwitch · Wolf Hex
Forgotten (Remnants of Life)
Sunless · Ylem
Mind of the Sun
Thantifaxath · Hive Mind Narcosis
Nightfeeder · Cut All of Your Face Off
The Shrike
Blood Quantum
Dismal Aura · Imperium Mortalia
Barge of Light
Anti-God Hand · Blight Year
Electric Eye
Serpent Corpse · Blood Sabbath
Rosa Mystica
Cauchemar · Rosa Mystica
Heaven's Gate
Kontact · First Contact
Pagan Altar · Mythical and Magical
Caught Somewhere in Time
Iron Maiden · Somewhere in Time