Powerchord Episode September 30, 2023

Revelations of Doomscribe

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Ferris is joined in-studio by underground champion stalwart Brayden Turenne to discuss his multifarious offerings to that putrid altar from which we all sup, and in turn, SUPPORT. Up to and including the impending assault of the Pacific Northwest by ABYSMAL LORD and DISIMPERIUM at his heinous behest. Behold, tremble, and cower before True Community Radio Magick.

Track Listing:

Skull Collapse
Scalding · Skull Collapse
Sunshine and Rainbows
Dollhead · Sunshine and Rainbows
Bloodrhine · Bloodrhine
Black Tombs' Spirit
Deathwinds · Endless Wastelands
Revelations of Doom
Empty Chalice · From the Chalice of the Goat
Bottomless Sun
Hedonist · Sepulchral Lacerations
Visceral Upheaval
Disimperium · Grand Insurgence Upon Despotic Altars
Towering Leviathan
Abysmal Lord · Bestiary of Immortal Hunger
Hubris of Mankind
Trenchraid · Demo 2022
Praying for the Asteroid
Guile · EP
Blood Sap
Gadfly · Apranik
Grave Infestation · Split
Liminal Shroud · All Virtues Ablaze
Destruction Favours Glory
Iron Warning · Demo XXIII
Trench Tomb
The Blade Itself · Trench Tomb
Ramped Up
Eaters of the Soil · Inedia 2 - Dystopian Dirges of Synthetic Decay
Indwelling Archon
Vastum · Inward to Gethsemane
The Morning Carried a Feeble Sun, a Solitary Sphere of Embers
Hadopelagyal · Nereidean Seismic End