Powerchord Episode September 2, 2023

The Undrownable Howl of Evil

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman is back, hyping upcoming shows from Iron Maiden, Incinerous, Uada, Death Worship, Spell, and heaps more. Plus a special dedication for the new baby in the Powerchord family :)

Track Listing:

Alexander the Great
Iron Maiden · Somewhere in Time
Eternal Inferno
Incinerous · Contorted Epiphany
Hallowed Skull
Feeding · In Hell
In My Dreams of Darkness
Kings Rot · The Shadow of the Accursed
Eternal Meditations Among the Monoliths
Crucible of Sorrow · Sadistic Hymns of Sorrow
As Darkness Descends to Chaos
Scalding · Exordium
Seven Thunders
Cloak · Black Flame Eternal
The Purging Fire
Uada · Cult of a Dying Sun
Death Worship · Reaping Majesty
Orthodox Weapons
Spirit Possession · Of the Sign...
Hades Embrace
Spell · Tragic Magic
Nice to Know You
Hippie Death Cult · Nice to Know You
Space Cadets
Spirit Mother · Cadets
No One Wins
Blood Star · First Sighting
Dream Lover
Intranced · Intranced
Mollisonia Plenovenatrix
Sedimentum · Split w. Total Isolation
With Blood and Feathers
Fossilization · Split w. Ritual Necromancy
The Undrownable Howl of Evil
Ossuary · Forsaken Offerings
Nexus of the Black Flame
Ascendead Dead · Evenfall of the Apocalypse
Raised on Rock!
Darkthrone · F.O.A.D.