Powerchord Episode July 22, 2023

Rotting Outwards

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman is up with features on live shows from Snakepit, Tribunal, Belzebong, and Morbosidad; a spotlight on Shadow Kingdom Records, and new music from Filth is Eternal, Mizmor, and Panopticon. Dig in mf's!

Track Listing:

Le toit du monde
Gorguts · Colored Sands
Eternal Conflagration
Snakepit · Eternal Conflagration
Pink Bubblegum
Jisei · Sincerely, Leda & Alexis
Lunar Throne
Heavy Trip · Heavy Trip
Goat Smoking Blues
Belzebong · Greenferno
Rotting Outwards
Altered Dead · Returned to Life
Stagnant Water
Disposal · Demo 2021
The Gate
Scalding · Exordium
Apathy's Keep
Tribunal · The Weight of Remembrance
Wilt · Huginn
Crawl Space
Filth is Eternal · Find Out
Morbosidad · Corona de Epidemia
Cries of Possession
Weregoat · C*nting Darkness
Necessary Fury
Kuka'ilimoku · Split w. Ebony Pendant
All for Nothing
Blood Star · First Sighting
Pieces of Mine
Tyrant · Shadow Kingdom Comp. Vol 1
No Place to Arrive
Mizmor · Prosaic
Cedar Skeletons
Panopticon · The Rime of Memory