Powerchord Episode January 28, 2023

Slave to Torment

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman is up with his first show the new year. Featuring a few late-'22 releases from the likes of Misthyrming, Jade, and Prophetic Suffering; local live event round-up with Tribunal, Mares of Thrace, Erosion, Hacked Apart, Napalm Raid, and more; and brand new stuff from Phantom Crawl, Arche, Conjureth, Grales, and plenty others.
Come get your head caved in.

Track Listing:

Með harmi
Misthyrming · Með hamri
Of Creeping Moss and Crumbled Stone
Tribunal · The Weight of Remembrance
In All Her Glory
Mares of Thrace · The Exile
Liminal Shroud · All Virtues Ablaze
Pink Bubblegum
Jisei · Sincerely, Leda & Alexis
Shoulders, But No Head
Hacked Apart · Squamish Grindcore
Serpent Lust
Erosion · Maximum Suffering
BODYROT · Fleshworks
Essence of War
Napalm Raid · Mindless Nation
Wretched and Low
Grales · Remember the Earth but Never Come Back
Red Grimoire
Phantom Crawl · Phantom Crawl
Come Curses
Arnaut Pavle · Transylvanian Glare
Smothering Psalms
Conjureth · The Parasitic Chambers
Emanation of Decay
Jade · The Pacification of Death
The Fighting Eagle
Century · The Conquest of Time
Slave to Torment
Prophetic Suffering · Demonstration MMXXII
Grandeur · Aurea Aetas
In A Solace Light
Arche · Transitions
Hades Embrace
Spell · Tragic Magic
Odors of Existence
Gorguts · Erosion of Sanity