Powerchord Episode January 21, 2023

High Speed Steel

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Get ready to thrash! Ian`s loaded today`s show with a megaton of raging neck-breakers from thrash legends like Kreator, Destruction, Razor, Annihilator, Exodus and Anthrax!!!! Get in the pit!!!

Track Listing:

The Last Crusaders... Bringers Of Death
Critical Defiance · No Life Forms
Destruction · Diabolical
Midnight Sun
Kreator · Hate Über Alles
Violence Beyond All Reason
Beseiged · Violence Beyond All Reason
Radioaktive Scourge
Korrosive · Toxic Apokalypse
Chamber Of Agony
High Command · Eclipse Of The Dual Moons
Acid Black Mass
Devil Master · Ecstasies of Never Ending Night
Time To Fight
Nervosa · Perpetual Chaos
High Speed Steel
Municipal Waste · Electrified Brain
Greylotus · Dawnfall
Pound · ..
No Light Escapes · The Purity Of Grief
Silhouettes Of Horror
Hyperia · Silhouettes Of Horror
Boris · Heavy Rocks (Leopard Spots)
Everything Is Fucked
Erosion · Maximum Suffering
Rust And Rot
Heron · Empires Of Ash
Russian Spirits
Baptists · Bushcraft
Fucked Up · Epics In Minutes
In Memory
Kylesa · To Walk A Middle Course
Flames Of Hatred
Razor · Cycle Of Contempt
Pounding Metal
Exciter · Violence & Force
Word Salad
Annihilator · Alice In Hell
A Lesson In Violence
Exodus · Bonded By Blood
All For You
Black Label Society · Stronger Than Death
Anthrax · State Of Euphoria