Powerchord Episode January 7, 2023

Ave Ferrisi

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Ferris takes another crack at this whole thing, this time joined by his cruel and sinister first-born son, Forest. Cacophonous paeans are offered to unnamable evils.

Track Listing:

Ave Satani
Jerry Goldsmith · The Omen: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Gadfly · Apranik
Dick Disciple
Devours · Escape From Planet Devours
Absolute Hell
Trenchraid · Demo 2022
With Dead Eyes
Heron · Empires of Ash
Night of Misanthropic Winds
Crucible of Sorrow · Sadistic Hymns of Sorrow
Poison King
Dirty Vicar · Cursed Illumination
Bestial Termination
Mercyless Hammer · Demo MMXXII
From Worse to Pit
Goatsblood · Detriment EP
Poison (Venenum Est Numinum)
Empty Chalice · From the Chalice of the Goat
Beyond Despair, the Dawn of Rebirth
Draghkar · At the Crossroads of Infinity
Dungeon Serpent · World of Sorrows
Mutilation of Sacrifice
Ceremonial Bloodbath · Mutilation of Sacrifice
Plague of Crypts
Grave Infestation · Persecution of the Living
Ghost · Impera
Satan Prayer
Ghost · Opus Eponymous
Alien Boys · Night Danger
In the Eyes of God
Today is the Day · In the Eyes of God
Orgiastic Disembowelment
Cryptopsy · None So Vile
Double Monolith
Black Death Cult · Devil's Paradise
Esoctrilihum · Funeral