Powerchord Episode December 31, 2022


1:00pm - 3:00pm

All 4 maniac hosts come together for this very special edition SIX HUNDRED AND SIXTY SIXTH podcast episode.
Each takes a turn at the helm, offering some of our favourite picks from 2022. It gets pretty weird. Enjoy!

Track Listing:

The Number of the Beast
Iron Maiden · The Number of the Beast
Jesus Christ is a Mother Fucker
Suic!de Pact · With the Earth
Daughter of the Morning Star
Sonja · Loud Arriver
Intertidal Terrorrealm
Hadopelagyal · Nereidean Seismic End
Blood-Soaked Katabasis
Gevurah · Gehinnom
Once Upon the Cross
Deicide · Once Upon the Cross
Dead Void
Eye of Doom · The Sapient
This is Black Sabbath
Wizard Master · Phasmatis
Stoned Ape
Sleepwulf · Sunbeams Curl
Blood of the Witch
Devil's Witches · In All Her Forms
Tormented by Atrocities
Castrator · Defiled in Oblivion
Maule · Maule
Eclipse of the Dual Moons
High Command · Eclipse of the Dual Moons
Hell Fire · Reckoning
Worlds Consumed
Pythonissam · Transcending to R'lyeh
Conquest of Pestilence
Grave Infestation · Persecution of the Living
Today is the Day · Live in Japan