Powerchord Episode November 26, 2022

Overtures of the Wicked

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman rips through features on a recent live gig from Cannibal Corpse and Immolation; upcoming Bulletfarm ripper from Grave Infestation and Erosion; new music from Big Brave and Escuela Grind; the Sorrow and Extinction 10yr Anniversary show with Pallbearer in Bellingham; Carpathian Forest's debut Canadaian performance at Messe des Mort in Montreal, aaaaaand many others! OUGH!

Track Listing:

Scourge of Iron
Cannibal Corpse · Torturing and Eviscerating
Overtures of the Wicked
Immolation · Acts of God
Warkrusher · Epitaph
Last Chance to Ride
Metalian · Beyond the Wall
Eternal Oblivion
Grave Infestation · Persecution of the Living
Human Error
Erosion · Maximum Suffering
Filth of Our Despair
Obsidian · Aftermath
Neck of the Woods · The Annex of Ire
carvers, farriers and knaves
BIG I BRAVE · nature morte
My Heart, My Hands
Escuela Grind · Memory Theater
Black Smoke
Dryad · The Abyssal Plain
Strychnos · A Mother's Curse
The Beauty in Falling Leaves
Yob · Our Raw Heart
The Legend
Pallbearer · Sorrow and Extinction
Cries From a Restless Soul
Sacramentum · Far From the Sun
Start up the Incinerator (Here Comes Another Useless Fool)
Carpathian Forest · Fuck You All!!!
Aeviterne · The Ailing Facade
Raising Cinder in Morne Bethel
Pale Spektre · Bereft of Xerotic Layers