Powerchord Episode September 24, 2022

Blades Drawn From the Iron Marrow of the Sunken Dead

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman is at the helm with spots on album the Bloated Pig and Black Pestilence Euro-tour this month; album release shows from KEN Mode and Wake; recent local shows at the Bullet Farm from Atrae Bilis, Futile Mutations, and Noose Sweat; the current Blood Incantation and Full of Hell co-headlining US run; and a wealth of new jamz from Germany's Hadopelagyal, Osaka's Blacklab, Belgium's Brutus, and more.

Track Listing:

Raise the Dead
Autonoesis · Moon of Foul Magics
The Final Nail
Bloated Pig · 6
Hail the Flesh
Black Pestilence · Hail the Flesh
A Love Letter
Infinite Inward
Wake · Thought Form Descent
Sulphur Curtain
Atrae Bilis · Divinihility
No Love, No Light
Futile Mutation · Single
Deceit/Future Pigs
Noose Sweat · Death Denial
The Vitrification of Blood (Part I and II)
Blood Incantation · Live Vitrification
Celestial Hierarch
Full of Hell · Garden of Burning Apparitions
Mortuous · Upon Desolation
Rot in Hell
Vermin Womb · Retaliation
Brutus · Unison Life
Dungeon Lord
Gargantuan Blade · Gargantuan Blade
Dark Clouds
Blacklab · In a Bizarre Dream
Levitation Hoax
Conan · Evidence of Immortality
Blades Drawn From the Iron Marrow of the Sunken Dead
Hadopelagyal · Nereidean Seismic End
Deformed Progeny of Narcissus
Carrion Bloom · Sacraments of Pestilence
Grand Atrocities Through Foul Miscreations
Diabolic Oath · Aischrolatreia
Into the North Woods
Panopticon · Autumn Eternal