Powerchord Episode September 10, 2022

Crush The Tyrants

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Raise a goblet and draw your sword! We charge into battle on today's episode with a slate of triumphant battle hymns from Fer De Lance, Spirit Adrift, Haunt, and Heavy Sentence! The waning days of summer bring autumnal vibes and we'll welcome the darkening skies to occult-scented spookiness from Jex Thoth, Blood Ceremony, Cauchermar and Hippie Death Cult. We'll also get thrashy with new rippers from Beseiged, Municipal Waste and the almighty Kreator. Plus, we'll dig a classic track from Canadian thrash legends Sacrifice out of the Graveyard. For glory!!!!

Track Listing:

The Mariner
Fer De Lance · The Hyperborean
Tales From The Third Age
Emissary · Emissary
Tortuga Nights
Hell Fire · Reckoning
Father Time
Haunt · Windows Of Your Heart
Hear Her
Spirit Adrift · Divided By Darkness
Sword Woman
Maule · Maule
Heavy Sentence · Bang To Rights
Shadowy Sisterhood
Smoulder · Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring
Jex Thoth
Nothing Left To Die · Jex Thoth
The Devil's Widow
Blood Ceremony · Lords Of Misrule
Le Tombeau De L'aube
Cauchemar · Rosa Mystica
Hippie Death Cult · 111
Lend Me Your Steel
Cromlech · Ave Mortis
Autumn's Crown
Dark Forest · Beyond The Veil
A Call To Arms
Iron Kingdom · Ride For Glory
Devour The Dead
Stygian Crown · Stygian Crown
Argus · Boldly Stride The Doomed
To The Rack With Them
The Gates Of Slumber · The Wretch
Violence Beyond All Reason
Beseiged · Violence Beyond All Reason
Grave Dive
Municipal Waste · Electrified Brain
Crush The Tyrants
Kreator · Hate Über Alles
Forever Enslaved
Sacrifice · Forward To Termination
Fugitive · Maniac