Powerchord Episode August 27, 2022

Anguished Ruminations

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman spotlights recent local shows with Balkan and Hacked Apart, Hoopsnake's "Scouring for Doom" tour with Germany's Confusion Master, and Hail the Void's first Vancouver performance. Brief stops at this year's Kill-town Deathfest, some new offerings from Oakland's Transylvanian Recordings, and others! The usual blend of harsh, heavy jams for your listening pleasure.

Track Listing:

Wicked Puppet Dance
Chat Pile · God's Country
Armor of Leeches
Balkan · Balkan
Closer to the Coffin
Hacked Apart · Hacked Apart
Beer Drinkers and Hell Raisers
Hoopsnake · Snowmanmoth
In the Shadow of the Bong
Confusion Master · Angoisse Split LP
Book of Black Blessings
Ceremonial Bloodbath · The Tides of Blood
Crystal Coffin · The Starway Eternal
Twisted Pleasure
Hail the Void · Hail the Void
Clinical Lycanthropy
BOG · Is Dead
Beneath Crumbling Skies of Flesh and Bone
Dessication · Cold Dead Earth
Anguished Ruminations
Livssyke · Solace in Worms
Vorlust · Lick the Flesh
Acephalix · Theothanatology
Funeral Purgation
Witch Vomit · Abhorrent Rapture
Inversion (live)
Void Rot · Telluric Dismemberment
Aberration · Aberration
Flagras · Lohe
Sacrament of Death
Creeping Death · The Edge of Existence
Fugitive · Maniac
Hellhammer · Triumph of Death