Powerchord Episode August 6, 2022

The Conquest Of Pestilence

1:00pm - 2:59pm

Eternal Hails, headbangers! Ian's back with another searing platter of aural decimation! We're exploring all manner of progressive and extreme weirdness with mind-bending new offerings from Krallice, Imperial Triumphant and Artificial Brain, as well as a excavating a furious rager from the legendary Gorguts album From Wisdom To Hate, which celebrated its 21st birthday this year! We also dial in some dank and devastating new caveman riffs with Jesus Wept, Sedimentum and Grave Infestation, and later get some tripped-out lysergic nightmares from Electric Wizard, Cauchemar and Jex Thoth. Plus, we'll be digging a classic banger from Mercyful Fate's legendary 1984 album Don't Break The Oath out of The Graveyard!!! Let's get loud!!!

Track Listing:

Dislodging Splinters
Bone Tower · We All Will Die One Day
Arrokoth Trireme
Krallice · Psychagogue
Death On A Highway
Imperial Triumphant · Spirit Of Ecstasy
Celestial Cyst
Artificial Brain · Artificial Brain
The Lighthouse
Eye Of Purgatory · The Lighthouse
Gorguts · From Wisdom To Hate
Psychedelic Degeneracy
Jesus Wept · Psychedelic Degeneracy
Excrétions Basaltiques
Sedimentum · Suppuration Morphogénésiaque
Pilgrimage To The Necropolis Ruins
Gutvoid · Astral Bestiary
Encoffinate · Cimmerian Corpse Dungeon
The Conquest Of Pestilence
Grave Infestation · Persecution Of The Living
Cauldron Of Plagues
Kvaen · The Great Below
Electric Wizard · L.S.D.
Forest Of Disgust
Death Breath · The Old Hag
Le Tombeau De L'aube
Cauchermar · Rosa Mystica
Seperated At Birth
Jex Thoth · Jex Thoth
Black Tusk · Taste The Sin
Withering Fire
Vital Spirit · Still As The Night, Cold As The Wind
Black Metal Victory!
Savage Necromancy · Feathers Fall To Flames
A Dangerous Meeting
Mercyful Fate · Don't Break The Oath