Powerchord Episode July 23, 2022

Infernal Death Manifest

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman is at the helm for a rip through new jams, live shows, the usual awesome shit. Features on the Mid-week Mosh at the Railway, the new wave of Native American metal, Fire in the Mountains Fest, and heaps more. Come hang.

Track Listing:

Black Magic
Slayer · Live Undead
Hail the Flesh
Black Pestilence · Hail the Flesh
As Darkness Descends to Chaos
Scalding · Scalding
Within the Realm of the Dying Light
Burialkult · Infernal Death Manifest
The Last Hunt
Truent · Through the Vale of Earthly Torment
Adaptive Biology
Liberatia · Where The Wretched Lie Slain
Open the Effigy
Atrae Bilis · Apexapien
Immortal Incubation
Dungeon Serpent · World of Sorrows
Challenge the Executioner
Thirteen Goats · Servants of the Outer Dark
Experiment 77
Hyperia · Silhouettes Of Horror
Yaohuehuetl / Tlatzintilli
Tzompantli · Tlazcaltiliztli
The River of Time Flows Through Me
Blackbraid · Blackbraid I
The Red Road
Nechochwen · Split w. Panopticon
Yob · Our Raw Heart
Ravening Iron
Eternal Champion · Ravening Iron
Allfadir Odinn
Enslaved · Hordanes Land
Between Times
40 Watt Sun · The Inside Room
Screaming for Vengeance
Judas Priest · Screaming for Vengeance