Powerchord Episode July 2, 2022

Carpathian Ferris

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Beneath the crumbling skies of flesh and bone, the well of all human tears bears an ascetic reflection of a worse reality wherein asphyxiation rituals portend plagues of crypts beneath the veins of God. Lunacy is magnified in the entropic empire, where intrepid repulstion bleeds into lack of empathy. The golden calf lies desquamated, and the nuclear spear assures recurrent and perpetual torment. Cheers, yall!

Track Listing:

Ahna · Empire
Plague of Crypts
Grave Infestation · Persecution of the Living
Intrepid Repulsion
Hedonist · Sepulchral Lacerations
Lack of Empathy
Devouring Void · Septic Fluid Dripping from the Open Wounds of Gaia
The Well of All Human Tears
Carpathian Forest · Defending the Throne of Evil
Asphyxiation Ritual
Void Witch · Void Witch
Ascetic Reflection
Altars · Ascetic Reflection
Beneath the Veins of God
Nocturnal Triumph · Nocturnal Triumph
Beneath Crumbling Skies of Flesh and Bone
Desiccation · Cold Dead Earth
Swampborn · Beyond Ratio
A Worse Reality
Tyrannus · Unslayable
Obed Marsh · Innsmouth
Lunacy Magnified
Groza · Lunacy Magnified
Golden Calf
Today is the Day · Willpower
Nuclear Spear
Veriluola · Demo
In the Perpetual Torment of Recurrence
Mortal Incarnation · Split