Powerchord Episode April 16, 2022

Once Upon A Cross

1:00pm - 2:57pm

The entire Powerchord team is live in studio for the first time ever, and it's a free-for-all of chaotic brutality and epic riffage!!!!

The show kicks off with some bong-blasted sludge with Bongripper and Dopethrone, and hits of punishing new vinyl from doomy supergroups Absent In Body and Friends Of Hell, and also a smokin' Electric Wizard 7 inch! We'll preview Hyperspace Festival 2022 with ripping heavy metal anthems from Apprentice, Gatekeerper, Iron Kingdom, and also get fired up to see tonight's Crystal Coffins show!

The second half of the show will feature brutal new jams from Vital Spirit, Egregore and Savage Necromansy, and a track the haunting new Mares Of Thrace album, The Exile. You'll also hear unholy sacraments from Dead Congregation and Deicide crawl out of The Graveyard!!!

The time has come to celebrate spring and its spirit of renewal with some lurid fertility rites, so let us pay tribute to the infinite unknown and let all challenges before us this season wither and burn at our feet. Have blasphemous a Easter and enjoy the disgraceful pleasures of heavy metal with us!!!!

Track Listing:

Onward to Perdondaris (Exerpt)
Bong · Beyond Ancient Space
Bong Wizard · The Bong Remains The Same
The Great Barrier Reefer (Exerpt)
Bongripper · The Great Barrier Reefer
Bongzilla · Weedsconsin
Kingbilly Kush
Dopethrone · Transcanadian Anger
Plague God
Absent In Body · The Half Rising Man
Belial's Bell
Friends Of Hell · Friends Of Hell
Legalize Drugs & Murder
Electric Wizard · Legalize Drugs & Murder
The Age Of Metals
Apprentice · The Strength Of Mortality
Selling God
Into Eternity · Dead Or Dreaming
Unleash The Kraken
Iron Kingdom · Curse Of The Voodoo Queen
Blade of Cimmeria
Gatekeeper · East Of Sun
The Starway Eternal
Crystal Coffin · The Starway Eternal
Withering Fire
Vital Spirit · Still As The Night, Cold As The Wind
Exfiltrating The Triangle
Egregore · The Word Of His Law
Genocidal Frostfukk Terrorstorm
Savage Necromancy · Feathers Fall To Flames
In All Her Glory
Mares Of Thrace · The Exile
Only Ashes Remain
Dead Congregation · Promulgation Of The Fall
Kill The Christian
Deicide · Once Upon A Cross
Fuck The Facts · Disgorge Mexico