Powerchord Episode March 19, 2022

All hail bangovers!

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Serena is back in studio live and letting it all hang out! Joined later by co-host, Ian!

Track Listing:

Incubus of Bloodstained Visions
Mortiferum · Preserved in Torment
Evil Eye
Maule · Maule
In All Her Glory
Mares of Thrace · The Exile
Coiled Within the Earth
Midnartiis · Sinew of Sol
King Woman · Celestial Blues
Babes in the Woods
Big Brave & The Body · Leaving None But Small Birds
Unmask the Spectre
Yob · Clearing the Path to Ascend
Dark Horse
Messa · Close
Necron · Blue Demo
Let the World Burn
Vio-Lence · Let the World Burn
De Feu et d' Acier
Vehemence · Ordalies
Corrupt Mortality
Winter Graves · In the Thralls of the Arctic Snow
Tekarra · Kicking Horse
Crossing the Vile
Balkan · Balkan
Fanes at the Engur
Azothyst · Blood of Dead God
Soul Sacrifice
Powertrip · Nightmare Logic