Powerchord Episode September 18, 2021

Bottomless Sun

1:01pm - 3:00pm

Ian's live in studio to celebrate the change of season and the arrival of the cold and spooky months of the year on Powerchord with an arsenal of heavy hitters! We'll kick it off with ripping new speed metal tracks from Pounder, Saber, Oath and Cauldron, plus some decimating and totally brutal new death metal from Laceration, Occult Burial, Sanguisugabogg and local heroes Hedonist! Later we'll explore hybrid strains of epic and deathly black metal with Nekrovault, Havukruunu and Blackevil, and explore the cosmos with cosmic doom crushers Eye Of Doom, Hail The Void and Kult Of The Wizard, as well as a classic track with Italian heavy psych giants Ufomammut. We'll dig some spooky autumnal vibes with occult rock/heavy prog jammers from Blood Ceremony and the legendary Jex Thoth, plus we'll dig a classic riff-monster of a track from UK doom lords Cathedral out of The Graveyard! Turn it up, hammerheads.

Track Listing:

Deadly Eyes
Pounder · Breaking The World
Midnight Rider
Saber · Without Warning
Computer Warrior
Oath · Computer Warrior
Free Country
Cauldron · Undercover Of Moonlight
Laceration · Demise
Bleeding Spectre (Queen Of Doom)
Occult Burial · Burning Eerie Lore
Bottomless Sun
Hedonist · Sepulchral Lacerations
Tortured Whole
Sanguisugabogg · Tortured Whole
Kunnes Varjot Saa
Havukruunu · Uinuous Syomein Sota
Basalisk Fumes
Nekrovault · Totenzug: Festering Peregrination
Blackevil · Forever Baptized In Eternal Fire
Ufomammut · Idolum
The Places You Walk
Jex Thoth · Blood Moon Rise
I'm Coming With You
Blood Ceremony · Blood Ceremony
Burn With The Light
Kult Of The Wizard · Gold
Killer Deal · First One's Free
All Hail
Hail The Void · Hail The Void
Curse Of The Pharoah
Eye Of Doom · Eye Of Doom
Beat To Dust
Frozen Soul · Crypt Of Ice
Hopkins (The Witchfinder General)
Cathedral · Carnival Bizzare