Powerchord Episode July 10, 2021

Rising from the Dark Pandemic Winter

1:00pm - 3:00pm

In this episode of Powerchord we have an Interview with Ulvik a new black metal band that truly took shape during our pandemic times and we premier Cascades their latest release. we also visit what happens when Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle combined their sounds and a bit of a shout out to a Local Drummer Bina Mendozza as we play three separate bands that she has been involved with, Momy Fortuna, Nostrum, and Mendozza. All Hail the Black Goat lets Burn some Churches when the rains come..

Track Listing:

Be Rather
Momy Fortuna · Hexxanacht
Embers to Ash
Nostrum · Infernal Tomb
De Evenmens
Amenra · De Doom
Out of Existence
Thou & ERR · May our chambers be full
Answered by None
Below the Frost Line · Below the Frost Line
Ulvik · Cascades
Ulvik · Cascades
Huis Clos
Ulvik · Cascades
Allmächtiger Gott!!Lössch' Aus
Ulvik · Cascades
Salt of the Earth
Ulvik · Cascades
Into the Void
Kvlt of the Wizard · Gold
Galaxy of Terror
The Crooked Whispers · Dead Moon Night
Winter of Seum
Seum · Winterized
Black Snail Volcano
Seum · Winterized
Horses of Plague
Tarlung · Architect
Two-lane Blacktop
Mendozza · Soul Nebula