Powerchord Episode July 3, 2021

Old Guard Die Hard

1:00pm - 3:00pm

On the first part of today's episode, Ian is joined by special guest Rob Hughes aka Mule of local basement metal rogues Dirty Vicar to discuss their new EP Higher Roads Less Travelled as we play the whole thing! We'll also slip in a sludgy, soot-encrusted Dirty Vicar cover of a deep cut from KISS, then get into some long-form doom metal with titanic dirges from Electric Wizard and Craters. The final part of the show will feature decimating new tracks from death metal masters Frozen Soul and Cerebral Rot, as well as an old favourite from the legendary Bolt Thrower, and we'll also dig a classic track out of the Graveyard from the greatest live rock album of all time, UFO's Strangers In The Night! Turn it up!

Track Listing:

I Don't Fancy My Chances
Dirty Vicar · Higher Roads Less Traveled
Like Lemmings
Dirty Vicar · Higher Roads Less Traveled
The Strain
Dirty Vicar · Higher Roads Less Traveled
Old Guard Die Hard
Dirty Vicar · Higher Roads Less Traveled
Unto The Flame
Dirty Vicar · Higher Roads Less Traveled
X-Ray Eyes
Dirty Vicar · X-Ray Eyes
Saturn's Children
Electric Wizard · We Live!
Craters · Earthmover
Excretion Of Mortality
Cerebral Rot · Excretion Of Mortality
Frozen Soul · Crypt Of Ice
Beyond Flesh
Mortuous · Through Wilderness
Taste Of The Grave
Take Over And Destroy · Endless Night
The Keep
Black Fast · Terms Of Surrender
The Killchain
Bolt Thrower · Those Once Loyal
Mother Mary (Live)
UFO · Strangers In The Night