Powerchord Episode June 19, 2021

Strength Through Steel

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman brings you this first home recording from his new radio-dungeon on the Sunshine Coast. Plenty of new shit to catch up on with music from King Woman, Anahata, Fumes, Malgoth, Panopticon, Grave Miasma and plenty more!

Track Listing:

Morning Star
King Woman · Celestial Blues
Strength Through Steel
Anahata · Auspicious Atavism
Starlight Ritual · Sealed in Starlight
Eden Echo · Hourglass
The Eremitic
Fumes · Split w. Thorn
Eclipsing a Dying Sun
Thorn · Split w. Fumes
Buried Alive
Axedra · Mass Deception
A Piece of My Story Dies With Them
Witching · A Piece of My Story Dies With Them
Memento Mori
Boris · Mr.Shortkill
Witchrot · Hollow
Perfect Strangers
Yob · Bow to Your Masters Vol. 2
Posessed Sword of a Thousand Deaths
MALGÖTH · Primordial Dawn
Rope Burn Exit
Panopticon · ...And Again Into the Light
Guardians of Death
Grave Miasma · Abyss of Wrathful Deities
Thrown Into The World
Lykotonon · Only Our Eyes Are Alive
Catatonic Stupor
Naturgeist · Reinvigorated Terror