Powerchord Episode June 5, 2021

Resistance Strains

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Today's episode of Powerchord kicks off with decimating new tracks of twisted and horrifying black metal from Paysage D'Hiver, Mare Cognitum and Spectral Wound! We'll also play some crushing new music from death metal masters Gatecreeper, Frozen Soul and the almighty Cannibal Corpse, plus debut a vicious banger from incomprable brutality auteurs Krallice. Hour two of the show features some bombastic, goblet-raising anthems from Bewitcher, Witches Hammer, Konquest and Sandstorm, and crusty, sludgy hardcore from local favs Waingro, Baptists, Erosion and WTCHDR. Punishing doses of thrash with Nervosa and Skeleton also appear alongside demented tech-damaged prog with Canadian legends Gorguts and suffocating sludge from Cardinal Wyrm's latest release. Plus, we'll dig a classic track from UK Death/Grind pioneers Bolt Thrower's legendary IVth Crusade album out of The Graveyard! Time to get loud...

Track Listing:

Paysage D'Hiver · Geister
Frozen Star Divination
Mare Cognitum · Solar Paroxysm
Imperial Saison Noire
Spectral Wound · A Diabolic Thirst
Terreur Nocturne
Csejthe · L'horreur de ?achtice
Premiers Chants
Ossuaire · Premiers Chants
Resistance Strains
Krallice · Demonic Wealth
In Sickness And Death
Vastum · Hole Below
Gatecreeper · An Unexpected Reality
Condemnation Contagion
Cannibal Corpse · Violence Unimagined
Electric Phantoms
Bewitcher · Cursed Be Thy Kingdom
Witches Hammer
Witches Hammer · Damnation Is My Salvation
Keep Me Alive
Konquest · The Night Goes On
Evil Wins
Sandstorm · Desert Warrior
Third Veil
Waingro · III
Baptists · Bushcraft
All Of The Gutters Run To The Sea
Erosion · Kill Us All
Let Bygones Be Gone
WTCHDR · Failed Ambition
Skeleton · Ordainment Of Divinity
Blood Eagle
Nervosa · Perpetual Chaos
From Beyond
Endless Chaos · From Beyond
Crypt Of Ice
Frozen Soul · Crypt Of Ice
Gorguts · Obscura
Red Chaos
Vhöl · Deeper Than Sky
Cardinal Wyrm · Devotionals
Where Next To Conquer
Bolt Thrower · IVth Crusade