Powerchord Episode April 3, 2021

Morbid Transcendence

1:00pm - 3:00pm

We mark a few 30th bday's from Sepultura and Paradise Lost; artist spotlights on Adrian "Noctis" Blosse, Jo Steel and their various projects; new music from Frozen Soul, Oryx, Mare Cognitum, and plenty more. Get morbid!

Track Listing:

Desperate Cry
Sepultura · Arise
Upon the Shoulders of Havayoth
Atrae Bilis · Divinihility
Butcher's Nails
Ruinous Power · split w. Iogsothep
Undulating Mass
Iogsothep · split w. Ruinous Power
Argonavis · Passing the Igneous Maw
Bloodbath Orgy
Black Knife · Murder Season
Crypt of Ice
Frozen Soul · Crypt of Ice
Morbid Transcendence
Sépulcre · Ascent Through Morbid Transcendence
Oryx · Lamenting a Dead World
Sculpted by the Tides
Ombrage · Blood and Prosperity
The Sun is Gone
Alkymist · Wreckage of the Raging World
Defender, Destroyer
Ice War · Defender, Destroyer
Eternal Suffering
Spectral Dance · Eternal Suffering
Gorgon Medusa
Aphrodite · Lust and War
Ataraxis Tunnels
Mare Cognitum · Solar Paroxysm
Paradise Lost · Gothic