Powerchord Episode March 6, 2021

Hideous New Gods

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Today's show gets off to a roaring start with some explosive thrash from local speed demons Witches Hammer! We'll jump into the fire with ripping blackened thrash from Condor, Deathwitch, and a savage new number from Nervosa. We'll also blast some putrid, crushing death metal with 200 Stab Wounds and Ceremonial Bloodbath, and highlight a pair of new releases from Church Recordings artists Oath and Saber. More epic heavy metal follows with Spirit Adrift, Stygian Crown and a new anthem from Midnight Spell! We'll tap into some sub-terranian doom frequencies from WIndhand and Monarch, and even dig a ripper from German thrash legends Sodom out of The Graveyard! Strap in for launch...

Track Listing:

Solar Winds
Witches Hammer · Damnation Is My Salvation
Can't Escape The Fire
Condor · Unstoppable Power
Flag Of Black Death
Deathwitch · Triumphant Devestation
Spiral Sea
Tyrant's Blood · Into The Kingdom Of Graves
Blood Eagle
Nervosa · Prepetual Chaos
Maggot Casket
200 Stab Wounds · Piles Of Festering Decomposition
Hideous New Gods
Auroch · Stolen Angelic Tongues
Ceremonial Bloodbath
Caremonial Bloodbath · Tides Of Blood
Mitochondrian · Parasignosis
Oath · Computer Warrior
Without Warning
Saber · Without Warning
No Return, In Ruin
Cauldron · In Ruin
Livin' Fast
Riot City · Burn The Night
Sky Destroyer
Midnight Spell · Sky Destroyer
Cosmic Conquest
Spirit Adrift · Enlightened In Eternity
Demon Of Deception
Iron Kingdom · Gates Of Eternal
Windhand · Levitation Sessions
Of Night With Knives
Monarch · Never Forever
Tired And Red
Sodom · Agent Orange