Powerchord Episode February 27, 2021

Love You to Death

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman does a Fundrive wrap-up and thank you show with music from all the great bands who kicked merch to our raffle, and the bands of people who donated money to win said raffle! Thank you to everyone again for the support! <3 m/

Track Listing:

Delivering the Goods
Judas Priest · Hellbent for Leather
Stone Men
Balkan · Stone Men
Death March
Mendozza · Soul Nebula
Wolverine Blues
Heron · Time Immemorial
Within the Halls
Witches Hammer · Damnation is my Salvation
Revelations in Damnation
Tyrants Blood · Into the Kingdom of Graves
Possessed by Heavy Metal
Spell · Full Moon Sessions
As We Pass
Crystal Coffin · The Transformation Room
Crypt Born (Tenebris Devorantis part II)
Temple of Abandonment · Chasm of the Horned Pantheon: Through Your Death, They Live
Agonize in Solitude
Bloated Pig · Blood Offering
Dream Quest Ends
Smoulder · Dream Quest Ends
Black Wizard · deuce//riff raff
Leave it Behind
Crowbar · Time Heals Nothing
Transcending Antecedent Visions
Suffering Hour · The Cyclic Reckoning
Anchoress in Furs
The Ruins of Beverast · The Thule Grimoires
Love You to Death
Type O Negative · October Rust