Powerchord Episode February 20, 2021

Vampyric Bloodlust

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Today's episode kicks off with a vicious new banger from the legendary Cannibal Corpse off their upcoming fifteenth full-length studio album, Violence Unimagined! We'll follow that up with a taste of another one of 2021's most anticipated records, The Thule Grimoires, by Germany's epic blackened doom metal masters The Ruins Of Beverast. The show will feature more brutality with crusty, rampaging blasters from Primitive Man, Dragged Into Sunlight, and Nekrovaut, and corrosive black metal with Ebony Pendant and Spectral Wound. The second half of the episode features transcendent homegrown sludge with Empress and Heron, a dose of heavy, fuzzed-out rock and roll with Hashteroid and Killer Deal, and ripping epic heavy metal from Black Viper and Eternal Champion. We'll also pay tribute to the elder gods with a couple of tracks off of Magnetic Eye Records' new Black Sabbath tribute album in honour of Tony Iommi's 73rd birthday this week. Plus, we'll dig a classic track from doomy NWOBHM lowlifes Witchfinder General out of The Graveyard! Maximum volume yeilds maximum results...

Track Listing:

Inhumane Harvest
Cannibal Corpse · Violence Unimagined
The Ruins Of Beverast · The Thule Grimoires
Primitive Man · Immerson
Boiled Angel/Buried With Leeches
Dragged Into Sunlight · Hatred For Mankind
Vampyric Bloodlust
Ebony Pendant · The Garden Of Strangling Roots
Pestilence Rampante
Ossuaire · Derniers Chants
Woods From Which The Spirits Once So Loudly Howled
Spectral Wound · Infernal Decadenence
Totenzug (Funeral Hillscape)
Nekrovault · Totenzug (Festering Peregrenation)
AHNA · Crimson Dawn
Empress · Premonition
Long In The Tooth
Heron · Time Immemorial
Desert Rat
Hashteroid · Respect The Depths
It Could Be Better
Killer Deal · First One's Free
Hellions Of Fire
Black Viper · Hellions Of Fire
Warrior Of Time
Riot City · Burn The Night
Banners Of Arhai
Eternal Champion · Ravening Iron
Wicked World
Caustic Casanova · The Best Of Black Sabbath: A Magnetic Eye Records Tribute
Fairies Wear Boots
Hippie Death Cult · The Best Of Black Sabbath: A Magnetic Eye Records Tribute
Love On Smack
Witchfinder General · Friends Of Hell