Powerchord Episode February 13, 2021

Blood Moon

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Today's show opens with a punishing blast of blood-splattered grindcore from Gatecreeper's new EP, An Unexpected Reality. We'll continue the aural punishment with corrosive death metal blasters from Plague, Exhumed and Ceremonial Bloodbath, and celebrate the lunar new year with a part of Fucked Up's zodiac-inspired rock opera to ring in the Year Of The Ox. The second hour of the show features majestic doom with Windhand, Sons Of Otis and Eye Of Doom, and also brand new song from Swedish power trio Monolord. We will also include a triumpant dose of epic sword and sworcery with Smoulder, Spiritus Mortis and the mighty Cirith Ungol. Plus, we'll dig a classic track from Electric Wizard's galactically crushing second album Come My Fanatics out of The Graveyard. Light it up!

Track Listing:

Imposter Syndrome
Gatecreeper · An Unexpected Reality
Portal Into Reality
Plague · Portrait Of Mind
Rot Your Brain
Exhumed · Twisted Horror
A Mind Decayed
Gruesome · Twisted Horror
Extremely Fucking Dead
Extremity · Extremely Fucking Dead
Sick Waste
AHNA · Crimson Dawn
Hordes Of Demons Feeding
Ceremonial Bloodbath · The Tides Of Blood
Mouth Of Abolition
Wake · Devouring Ruin
Empress · Premonition
Closed Ports
Baptists · Bloodmines
The Preacher
Year Of The Ox
Fucked Up · Year Of The Ox
Curse Of The Pharoah
Eye Of Doom · Curse Of The Pharoah
Blood Moon
Sons Of Otis · Isolation
Crypt Key
Windhand · Grief's Eternal Flower
I'm Staying Home
Monolord · I'm Staying Home
Ilian Of Garathorm
Smoulder · Times Of Obscene Evil And Wild Daring
Lend Me Your Steel
Cromlech · Ave Mortis
Robe Of Ectoplasm
Spiritus Mortis · The Year Is One
Legions Arise
Cirith Ungol · Forever Black
Return Trip
Electric Wizard · Come My Fanatics