Powerchord Episode January 23, 2021

Clean White Void

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Ian unleashes a flurry of hymns to the frozen winter darkness from Celestial Swarm, Spectral Lore, Mare Cognitum and Ludicra on this episode of Powerchord! We'll spend some time excavating the uncompromising Québécois black metal scene with raw and frigid blasts of pure torment from Frozen Shadows, Ossuaire and Délétère, and then we'll hear some colossal and majestic odes to despondency with funeral doom epics from Drown and Atrementus. We'll hype up our FUNDRIVE 2021 show (It's happening February 6th but you can already donate now if you click the 'DONATE' button on the top right corner of the page!) and also get a dose of heroic, lighter-lifting heavy metal as we dig a classic track from the almighty MANOWAR out of The Graveyard! Let's keep that fire burning...

Track Listing:

Forlorn Oblivion
Celestial Swarm · Gateways To The Necroverse
Mercury (The Righteous)
Spectral Lore · Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine
Mars (The Warrior)
Mare Cognitum · Wanderers: Astrology Of The Nine
Forsaken Whispers
Frozen Shadows · Dans Les Bras de Immortales
Sous L'autel Des Immaculés
Ossuaire · Derniers Chants
Teredinis Lepra
Délétère · De Horae Leprae
In Death's Grip
AHNA · Crimson Dawn
Seven Wells
Ceremonial Bloodbath · The Tides Of Blood
Clean White Void
Ludicra · The Tenant
Drowned VI: Mother Cetacian
Drown · Subaqueous
From Tumultuous Heavens… (Descended Forth the Ceaseless Darkness)
Atramentus · Stygian
Call Of The Void
Craters · Earthmover
Gloves Of Metal
Manowar · Into Glory Ride