Powerchord Episode January 9, 2021

Lunar Throne

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Ian rings in the new year and bids farewell to the dearly despised old one with a countdown of his favourite albums of 2020! We'll enjoy some otherworldly heavy psych with Slift and Heavy Trip, corrosive blackened speed metal with Bütcher and Skeleton, some epic, lighter-lifting doom with Pale Divine, Cirith Ungol and Eternal Champion, and some triumphant true metal anthems from Haunt, Spirit Adrift and Cauldron! Cast the suffering of the previous epoch into the fires of history, and keep burning with us as we charge headlong into the future.

Track Listing:

Eternal Champion · Ravening Iron
Lunar Throne
Heavy Trip · Heavy Trip
Congregation Of Flesh
Skeletal Remains · The Entombment Of Chaos
Consequence Of Time
Pale Divine · Consequence Of Time
Death March
Mendozza · Soul Nebula
Dream Quest Ends
Smoulder · Dream Quest Ends
Cirith Ungol · Forever Black
Cosmic Conquest
Spirit Adrift · Enlightened In Eternity
Mark Of Death
Skeleton · Skeleton
Comfortably Dumb
Jesus Wept · Apartheid Redux
The Throat Of Belial
Ceremonial Bloodbath · The Tides Of Blood
Paris Is Burning
Cauldron · Undercover Of Moonlight
666 Goats Carry My Chariot
Bütcher · 666 Goats Carry My Chariot
Your Hell
Necrot · Mortal
Le Rêve Lucide
Paysage d'Hiver · Im Wald
Death On The Malahat
Heron · Time Immemorial
Light The Beacon
Haunt · Mind Freeze
Lions, Tigers & Bears
Slift · Ummon