Powerchord Episode January 2, 2021

36 Chambers of Death

1:00pm - 3:00pm

We kick off our 36th (!) year with recent releases from Amnesian, Volur, Possessed Steel, and more; plus a feature on the CVLT Nation year-end-lists. Bring on 2021!

Track Listing:

The Clockhand's Groaning Circles
The Ruins of Beverast · Unlock the Shrine
Sulphur Curtain
Atrae Bilis · Divinihility
The Sign of a Sealed Fate
Dead Quiet · Truth and Ruin
Riches to the Conjurer
Arboreal · Riches to the Conjurer
Warnings of Collapse
Amnesian · Trespass Into Annihilation
Erase The Earth
Hallux · V-II
Harsh Winds of Lands Unknown
Primordial Serpent · Father of the Abyss
Inviolate Grove
Volur · Death Cult
Possessed Steel · Aedris
Unholy Divine
Hulder · Embraced By Darkness Mysts
MSW · Obliviosus
Primitive Man · Immersion
Monastic Tomb
Cryptae · Nightmare Traversal
Grim Magnetic
Internal Rot · Grieving Birth
The Scent Of Torture, Conquering All
Lamp of Murmuur · Heir of Ecliptical Romanticism
Writhing in Cellophane Cages
Dearth · To Crown All Befoulment
Tear of a Traitor
Hällas · Conundrum