Powerchord Episode December 19, 2020

Rotted Futures

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman gets into more Best-of-2020 jamz with spotlights on local releases, personal favorites, and some over-looked gems. Plus a little live-music nostalgia trip to close out. Merry Xmas all! See you in 2021 xox

Track Listing:

Coffin Nails
Auroch · Stolen Angelic Tongues
Psychic Death
Spell · Opulent Decay
Ghost Dance
Vital Spirit · The Faith That Looks Through Death
Slammed in a Coffin
Wormwitch · Septentrion Revival
Tainting the Purity
Assimilation · Tainting the Purity
Choose Your Own Extinction
Bleeding Out · Lifelong Death Fantasy
Hémorragie céleste
Basalte · L'excroissance du vide
The Ruins of Beverast · Split w. Almyrkvi
Endless Wound
Black Curse · Endless Wound
Pallid Eyes
Nekrovault · Totenzug: Festering Peregrination
Turia · Degen van Licht
Out of Existence
Emma Ruth Rundle and Thou · May Our Chambers Be Full
Twin Tongued Pathways
Spirit Possession · Spirit Possession
Paradise Lost · Obsidian
Rotted Futures
Imperial Triumphant · Alphaville
Uusi teknokratia
Oranssi Pazuzu · Mestarin kynsi
The Reason They Hate Me
Daughters · You Won't Get What You Want
Blood From Zion
High on Fire · Spitting Fire Vol. 2
Suffer No Fool
Power Trip · Live in Seattle