Powerchord Episode November 14, 2020

Entropic Self Immolation

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Some real posi-vibes on the show today! We welcome new music from Fuck the Facts, Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle, Pallbearer, Eternal Champion, and Of Feather and Bone; we celebrate another great streaming event at the Rickshaw with local faves Empress and Heron; we mark Remembrance Day and the 40th anniversary of Ace of Spades with a double-dose of Motorhead; and last but definitely not least, we finally get to say goodbye to that vile piece of shit in the oval office with some Neckbeard Deathcamp! GOOD FUCKING RIDDANCE!

Track Listing:

Pleine Noirceur
Fuck the Facts · Pleine Noirceur
Death on the Malahat
Heron · Time Immemorial
Empress · Premonition
Necroholocaust · Holocaustic Goat Metal
Pestis Malevolus
Radioactive Vomit · Pestis Malevolus
Crowned Serpent
Valkyrja · Throne Ablaze
Star of Darkness and Abyss
Archgoat · The Luciferian Crown
Doctrine of Cruelty
Human Agony · Putrescence of Calvary
Miserable pt. 2
Resent · Crosshairs
L'Ac├ęphale · L'Ac├ęphale
Neurosis · Enemy of the Sun
Chrch · Light Will Consume us All
Motorhead · 1916
The Chase is Better Than the Catch
Motorhead · Ace of Spades
Out of Existence
Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle · May Our Chambers Be Full
Pallbearer · Forgotten Days
Ravening Iron
Eternal Champion · Ravening Iron
Entropic Self Immolation
Of Feather and Bone · Sulfuric Disintegration
Neckbeard Deathcamp · MAGAPHOBE