Powerchord Episode November 7, 2020

Nocturnal Hell

1:00pm - 3:00pm

The time change has come and gone, so welcome to the part of the year where it's perpetually dark and raining and miserable! Dark, heavy weather calls for heavy sounds, so we start this episode off with a ripping track from Vancouver's own Ceremonial Bloodbath and their monstrous new album The Tides Of Blood. Brutality and wanton destruction is the order of the day as we play tracks from some of 2020's best death and black metal releases, including new music from Embodiment, Cultus Profano, Wake, Cirkeln and Afterbirth. We'll get into some ripping blackedned thrash with Deathwitch, Kafirun and Nervosa, as well as new music from thrash masters Warbringer. We'll also dig up some classic tracks from Canadian tech-death masters Gorguts and Cryptopsy, and then get doomy with crushing dirges from Gospel Of Death, Lares, Elder Druid and the almighty Electric Wizard. Plus, we will honour the victims of war throughout the world with a special Remembrance Day tribute including songs by Bolt Thrower and Memoriam, and dig a classic track from influencial Canadian tape-trader favourites Slaughter out of the Graveyard. Welcome to the darkness, rage into the void with us.

Track Listing:

Book Of Black Blessings
Ceremonial Bloodbath · The Tides Of Blood
Reverence Through Disgust
Embodiment · Palingenesis
In The Lair Of The Rat Kings
Wake · Devouring Ruin
Crown Of Hellfire
Cultus Profano · Accursed Possession
The Castle
Cirkeln · Kingdoms That No One Remembers
Rooms To Nowhere
Afterbirth · Four Dimensional Flesh
Slave Species Of The Gods
Blood Incantation · Hidden History Of The Human Race
Agony · Apocalyptic Dawning
Lest We Forget
Bolt Thrower · ...For Victory
Memoriam · Requiem For Mankind
Forgotten Arrows
Gorguts · Coloured Sands
Open Face Surgery
Cryptopsy · Blasphemy Made Flesh
Destruction Of The Divine Self
Kafirun · The Worship & Glorification Of Holy Death
Under The Black Wings
Deathwitch · Triumphant Devastation
Never Forget, Never Repeat
Nervosa · Downfall Of Mankind
Firepower Kills
Warbringer · Weapons Of Tomorrow
The Conquerer Worm
Gospel Of Death · We Are Only Here To Suffer
Cursed By Embodiment
Lares · Towards Nothingness
Elder Druid · Golgotha
The Nightchild
Electric Wizard · Black Mass
Nocturnal Hell
Slaughter · Strappado