Powerchord Episode October 17, 2020

Legions Arise

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Today's show is a celebration of all things pagan, wyrd and spooky! We'll begin celebrating the season of decay with a track from the epic doomy power metal unit Valkyrie off of their first new album in 5 years. We'll set the mood for the Halloween season with witchy tracks by proto-doom and heavy occult rock shamans like Witchcraft, Blood Ceremony, Jex Thoth and Witch Mountain. We also have new music to play for you by Pale Divine, Cirith Ungol, Skeletal Remains, Ceremonial Bloodbath, and lots more! We will play an extended track from Artamentus off their harrowing funeral doom masterpiece Stygian, and we'll cap the show off by digging a track from legendary Danish band Mercyful Fate out of The Graveyard. Crank the volume!

Track Listing:

Feeling So Low
Valkyrie · Fear
Satan In Starlight
Pale Divine · Consequence Of Time
The Orange Goblin
Bog Wizard · Into The Mire
Into The Coven
Blood Ceremony · Blood Ceremony
Seperated At Birth
Jex Thoth · Jex Thoth
Opium Blade
Purification · Perfect Doctrine
Spiderwood Farm
Purson · The Circle And The Blue Door
The Divider
Sandveiss · Saboteur
End Game
Witch Mountain · South Of Salem
Legions Arise
Cirith Ungol · Forever Black
Pleasure Centre
Helm's Alee · Sleepwalking Sailors
Sword Woman
Smoulder · Dream Quest Ends
The Snake
Witchcraft · Witchcraft
From Tumultuous Heavens (Descended Forth the Ceaseless Darkness)
Atramentus · Stygian
Illusive Divinity
Skeletal Remains · The Embodiment Of Chaos
Infernal Devourment
Snorlax · II
Mortality Rate
Grave Infestation · Infesticide
Hordes Of Demons Feeding
Ceremonial Bloodbath · Tides Of Blood
Escape The Grave
Midnight · Rebirth By Blasphemy
Ghost Dance
Vital Spirit · In Faith That Looks Through Death
Identify The Dead
Bastardator · Identify The Dead
Mercyful Fate · Melissa