Powerchord Episode October 3, 2020

Every Walk A Quarantine

1:03pm - 3:03pm

Let's celebrate the start of the spooky season! On this episode, Ian brings death metal deliverance with new music from Napalm Death, Ulcerate, Cerebral Rot and Vader! Hardcore heavy-hitters KEN Mode, Fucked Up and Trap Them will make an appearance, and we'll also play a suffocatingly dark new track from miserable sludge masters Primitive Man. Plus, we'll get into the spirit of the season by digging a track from Swedish gothic doom titans Candlemass out of The Graveyard! Let's rock.

Track Listing:

A Bellyfull Of Salt and Spleen
Napalm Death · Throes Of Joy In The Jaws Of Defeatism
Blood Cathedral
Temple Nightside · Pillars Of Damnation
Bereavement Of Flesh
Tomb Mold · Primordial Malignity
Extremely Fucking Dead
Extremity · Extremely Fucking Dead
Embalmbed With Afterbirth
Astyanax · Slaughterhouse Infection
Encased In Ice
Frozen Soul · Encased In Ice
Visceral Ends
Ulcerate · Stare Into Death And Be Still
Shock And Awe
Vader · Solitude in Madness
Spewing Purulence
Cerebral Rot · Spewing Purulence
Innumerable Forms · Punishment In Flesh
Primal Seduction
Vastum · Carnal Law
Your Hell
Necrot · Mortal
KEN Mode · Venerable
Fucked Up · Epics In Minutes
In Memory
Kylesa · To Walk A Middle Course
Every Walk A Quarantine
Trap Them · Darker Handcraft
The Lifer
Primitive Man · Immersion
Breaker Of Silence (IV To Ulmo)
Völur · Ancestors
The Iron Wind
Spell · Opulent Decay
Twisted Pleasure
Hail The Void · Hail The Void
At The Gallows End
Candlemass · Nightfall