Powerchord Episode September 26, 2020

Morbid Exaltations

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Coleman sets the pace at "dark and bleak" early on in this show with a disgusting slab of funeral doom courtesy of Atramentus. Spotlights on new splits from Encoffinate/Abscess Lord and Antediluvian/Heresiarch; more New Zealand heat from Temple Nightside and Vassafor; two outstanding benefit comps in support of Black Lives Matter, and other great jamz!

Track Listing:

Stygian III: Perennial Voyage (Across The Perpetual Planes Of Crying Frost & Ste
Atramentus · Stygian
Ghost Dance
Vital Spirit · In the Faith That Looks Through Death
Tainting the Purity
Assimilation · Tainting the Purity
Saccage · Khaos Mortem
Man Eater
Encoffinate · Cimmerian Corpse Dungeon
Morbid Exaltation
Abscess Lord · Morbid Exaltation
Slipstream of Leviathan's Wake
Antediluvian · Defleshing the Serpent Infinity
Lupine Epoch
Heresiarch · Defleshing the Serpent Infinity
Wreathed in Agony
Temple Nightside · Pillars of Damnation
Emanations From the Abyss
Vassafor · To The Death
Frozen Soul · Encased in Ice
This Time
Year of the Knife · Internal Incarceration
Oppressor (live)
Jesus Piece · Shut it Down: Benefit for the Movement for Black Lives
Flag Burner Torch Bearer (2020)
Panopticon · Overgrow to Overthrow Compilation
No Justice, No Peace
Uprising · Overgrow to Overthrow Compilation
Ruins of Heaven
Autonoesis · Autonoesis
Through Fields of Peasant Graves
Dumal · The Confessor