Powerchord Episode September 19, 2020

The Crushing Tide

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Blast away the smoke with us as we kick off the show with a jam from Ulthar's punishing new death metal masterpiece Providence! We'll get proggy with Intronaut, Anciients and Voivod, ride into battle with Throne Of Iron, Visigoth and War Dogs, and then bring the doom with Paradise Lost, Electric Wizard and Thou! The second half of the show will feature some ferocious crusty hardcore with Nails, Erosion and WTCHDR, and we'll give 'er with Vancouver skate-thrashers Christ Air and S.T.R.E.E.T.S. We'll hear some epic tales of glory and victory with Crystal Viper, Ensiferum and 3 Inches of Blood, and more! Plus, we'll dig a track by UK doom-thrash legends Sacriledge off their classic debut record Behind The Realms Of Madness out of the Graveyard! Let's get rad!

Track Listing:

Ulthar · Providence
Speaking Of Orbs
Intronaut · Fluid Existential Inversions
Raise The Sun
Anciients · Hearts Of Oak
End Of Dormancy
Voivod · The Wake
A Call To Adventure
Throne Of Iron · Adventure One
Mammoth Rider
Visigoth · Revenant King
Termination Shock
Traveler · Termination Shock
Die By My Sword
War Dogs · Die By My Sword
Paradise Lost · Obsidian
The Sun Has Turned To Black
Electric Wizard · We Live!
Fourth Of July
Thou · A Primer Of Holy Words
You Who Has Never Slept
Vile Creature · Glory! Glory! Apathy Took The Helm
In Exodus
Nails · Abandon All Life
A Trunkload Of Horseflesh
Erosion · Kill Us All
Let's Get Rad
S.T.R.E.E.T.S. · Worms
Cause Of Death
Christ Air · Christ Air
You'll Wait Forever
WTCHDR · Failed Ambition
Bright Lights
Crystal Viper · Tales Of Fire And Ice
Return To Me
Unleash The Archers · Abyss
Run From The Crushing Tide
Ensiferum · Thalassic
Destroy The Orcs
3 Inches Of Blood · Battlecry Under A Winter Sun
Shadow From Modor
Sacrilege · Behind The Realms Of Madness