Powerchord Episode September 12, 2020

Your Hell

1:00pm - 3:02pm

Coleman returns with a heap of new shit from some of the best bands in the genre; Uada, Pallbearer, Necrot, Primitive Man, Napalm Death, and plenty of other lesser known but just as amazing bands. 2020 has been (and will certainly continue to be) a dumpster fire, but the metal output this year has been anything but!

Track Listing:

Power Trip · Live in Seattle
Uada · Djinn
Vital Spirit · In The Faith That Looks Through Death
Make Them Die Slowly
Detherous · Stench of Deth
Grotesque Procession
Stench of Death · Stench of Deth
L'antre de la tarasque
Sulfure · Neurotisme
They Came Dripping From the Stars
Gutvoid · Astral Bestiary
Promethean Fire
Panzerfaust · The Suns of Perdition - Chapter II: Render Unto Eden
A Winter Tree Clad in Black Frost
Ifernach · The Green Enchanted Forest of the Druid Wizard
Le Sang du Pays d'en Haut
Pan-American Native Front · Native Amerikan Black Metal
Crown of Hellfire
Cultus Profano · Accursed Possession
Ancestral Recall
Thou and Emma Ruth Rundle · May Our Chambers Be Full
Rite of Passage
Pallbearer · Forgotten Days
Your Hell
Necrot · Mortal
Faceless Burial · Speciation
Uinuos Syömein Sota
Havukruunu · Uinuos Syömein Sota
Primitive Man · Immersion
Napalm Death · Throes of Joy in the Jaws of Defeatism
Sever the Golden Chain
Ayr · The Dark