Powerchord Episode September 5, 2020

Out For Blood

1:00pm - 3:00pm

Sept 5th

We start today's show with the rip-roaring title track off of Skeleton's self-titled debut record, out now on 20 Buck Spin. It's a raging blend of feral blackened thrash, riffy Conan-sludge, and classic lighter-raising bombast, sure to get the headbangers' attention. We follow that up with vicious and brutal new tracks from the likes of progressive tech-death units Pyrrhon and Odius Mortem, righteous jammers from local favourites Vth Circle and Temple Of Abandonment, and rampaging new music from Wake, Lares and Cirkeln. We'll satisfy your power metal itch with triumphant new tunes from Judicator and Unleash the Archers, and throw in a classic party anthem from the legendary Vancouver band 3 Inches Of Blood. The second half of the show will feature more flesh-ripping death metal with Bolt Thrower, Genocide Pact and Tomb Mold, and we'll throw in some hard-partying, hellbent for leather hard rock with Hitter, The Donnas and Sheer Mag! We'll also play killer new tracks from thrash legends Testament and Annihilator, and lots more! Of course, we'll also pay tribute to a fallen brother with an ode to the dearly departed Riley Gale of Power Trip, and play a track off that band's untouchable final album Nightmare Logic. Plus, we'll close out the show by digging a classic CELTIC FROST track out of The Graveyard! Time to crank it!

Track Listing:

Skeleton · Skeleton
The Lean Years
Pyrrhon · Abcess Time
Ruins Of The Timeworm
Odious Mortem · Synesthesia
The Standoff
The Vth Circle · I
This Abyssal Plane
Wake · Devouring Ruin
Crypt Born
Temple Of Abandonment · Chasm Of The Horned Pantheon
It Burns
Lares · Towards Nothingness
Sun And Moon
Cirkeln · Kingdoms That No One Remembers
Autumn Of Souls
Judicator · Let There Be Nothing
Metal Woman
3 Inches Of Blood · Long Live Heavy Metal
Faster Than The Speed Of Light
Unleash The Archers · Abyss
Oath Violator
Revenge · Strike. Smother. Dehumanize
The Silent Demise
Bolt Thrower · ...For Victory
Conquered And Disposed
Genocide Pact · Order Of Torment
Manor Of Infinite Forms
Tomb Mold · Manor Of Infinite Forms
Out For Blood
Hitter · Hard Enough
Too Bad About Your Girl
The Donnas · Spend The Night
Sheer Mag · A Distant Call
Dream Deceiver
Testament · Titans Of Creation
I Am Warfare
Annihilator · Ballistic, Sadistic
The Devil's Martyr
Sacrifice · The Ones I Condemn
Swing Of The Axe (The Executioner's Tax)
Power Trip · Nightmare Logic
Dethroned Emperor
Celtic Frost · The Emperor's Return