Powerchord Episode August 8, 2020

Smouldering Embers

1:00pm - 3:00pm

New music from farflung heavyweights like Boris, Acid Mammoth, Serpent Cobra, Exhorder and Vastum headline today's show! Join us as we crank things into high gear with a set of speed metal featuring Bewitcher, Riot City, Cauldron, and Blade Killer, and then slow things to a crawl with some crushing doom from Haggatha, Craters and Windhand. We'll dig into some transcendent, nature-worshipping black metal as we visit both sides of a split release featuring Skagos and Panopticon, and we'll crank out some cosmic psychedelic fuzz jams with UUBBUURRUU and Heavy Trip. Veteran Canadian thrashers Sacrifice and Annihilator will make an appearance, along with Vancouver's legendary war metal pioneers Blasphemy. NOLA sludge legends Thou will also show up to pay tribute to the old gods with their contribution to a new Sacred Bones Black Sabbath tribute release! Plus, we'll dig a track from one of Canada's greatest metal exports out of the Graveyard, a stomach-churning masterpiece of psychosis from the mighty Cryptopsy! Let's ride...

Track Listing:

Boris · No
Too Fast For The Flames
Bewitcher · Too Fast For The Flames
Take This Torch
Cauldron · Undercover Of Moonlight
Burn The Night
Riot City · Burn The Night
Lost Angels
Blade Killer · High Risk
Precession Of The Equinox
Haggatha · Haggatha IV
Laurentian Abyss
Craters · Laurentian Abyss
Mind Leaf
Heavy Trip · Heavy Trip
Stone Men
Master Of It All
Serpent Cobra · Anatomy Of Abuses
Acid Mammoth · Acid Under Hoof
Smouldering Embers
Skagos · Skagos & Panopticon Split
A Message To The Missionary
Panopticon · Skagos & Panopticon Split
My Time
Exhorder · Mourn The Southern Skies
Armed To The Teeth
Annihilator · Ballistic Sadistic
Sacrifice · The Ones I Condemn
Emperor Of The Black Abyss
Blasphemy · Gods Of War
Windhand · Grief's Eternal Flower
Thou · A Sacred Bones Tribute To Black Sabbath
Slit Your Guts
Cryptopsy · None So Vile
Reveries In Autophagia
Vastum · Orificial Purge