Powerchord Episode July 18, 2020

When The Path Is Unclear

1:01pm - 3:01pm

This episode kicks off with a pair of filthy covers from the CVLT Nation Sessions tribute to Entombed's classic 1990 album Left Hand Path! Fight the pandemic blues with us as we play some crusty, agonizing doom from Vile Creature's newest album, and then we get into some thunderous, riff-heavy power metal from Eternal Champion and Smoulder. We'll also play some psychedelic-dosed hard rock with Blackwater Holylight and some occult-scented proto-doom with The Well. Hour 2 features some demented brutality as we explore progressive extremes in metal with Pyrrhon, Afterbirth and Xazuraug. A few Canadian metal favourites make an appearance, including crushing riff-groovers from Bison and Barnburner, and some belligerently crusty sludgecore by Waingro and Baptists, and we'll get into some lightspeed corpse-rippin' thrash with Toxic Holocaust and Nervosa. Plus, we'll dig a classic track from Darkthrone's brilliant 1995 album Panzerfaust out of The Graveyard! Get hyped and crank the volume!

Track Listing:

But Life Goes
Grave Infestation · Entombed: Left Hand Path (CVLT Nation Session)
Morbid Devourment
Frozen Soul · Entombed: Left Hand Path (CVLT Nation Session)
Midnight Sun
Wormwitch · The Heaven Dwells Within
When The Path Is Unclear
Vile Creature · Glory, Glory, Apathy Took The Helm!
I Am The Hammer
Eternal Champion · Armour Of Ire
Warrior Witch of Hell
Smoulder · Dream Quest Ends
Blackwater Holylight · Veils Of Winter
Death Song
The Well · Death & Consolation
Buried Deep In A Bottomless Grave
Witchvomit · Burried Deep In A Bottomless Grave
Abcess Time
Pyrrhon · Abcess Time
Spiritually Transmitted Disease
Afterbirth · Fourth Dimensional Flesh
Arboreal Detestation
Xazraug · Unsympathetic Empyrean
Im Interwald
Paysage d'Hiver · Im Wald
Baptists · Beacon Of Faith
Marked Cross
Waingro · III
Bison · Earthbound
...And Justice For Who?
Nervosa · Downfall Of Mankind
Chemical Warlords
Toxic Holocaust · Primal Future
Kegstand And Deliver
Barnburner · Bangers II: Scum Of The Earth
Triumphant Gleam
Darkthrone · Panzerfaust
Destiny's Rainbow
sHEAVY · Electric Sleep