Powerchord Episode July 11, 2020

Coming out swinging!

12:59pm - 2:59pm

On this show we blast out of the gate with new death metal from heavyweights like Ulcerate, Vader and Revenge, along with some stuff from Tyrant's Blood and Venom Prison! We also lay down some neck-breaking thrash with Infernal Majesty, Nervosa, Warbringer and new music from Canada's own Annihilator! This show features new doom metal from the legendary Paradise Lost along with local favourites Heron and Mendozza, and we get into some transcendent black metal with the likes of Ruins of Berverast, Tryptikon and Fortresse before throwing in some straight up-rockers from Boris and Lowrider! And as always, we dig a classic track out of The Graveyard, this time taking you back to 1989 with Bolt Thrower's second album Realm Of Chaos! Let's get rad!

Track Listing:

Exhale The Ash
Ulcerate · Stare Into Death And Be Still
Into Oblivion
Vader · Solitude In Madness
Reaper Abyss
Revenge · Strike. Smother. Dehumanize
Self-Inflicted Violence
Venom Prison · Samsara
Conjure The Watcher
Tyrant's Blood · Into The Kingdon Of Graves
Dressed Up For Evil
Annihilator · Ballistic, Sadistic
The Black Hand Reaches Out
Warbringer · Weapons Of Tomorrow
Intolerance Means War
Nervosa · Agony
The Roman Song
Infernal Majesty · Unholier Than Though
Don't Walk On The Mass Graves
Ruins Of Beverast · Silhouettes Of Death's Grace
Rex Irae (Ch. 1: Overture)
Tryptikon · Requiem
Honneur Et Tradition
Fortresse · Metal Noir Quebecois
Le Royaume
Sombres Forets · Quintessence
Age Of Kings
Underlord · Rise Of The Ancient Kings
Death March
Mendozza · Soul Nebula
Void Eater
Heron · Time Immemorial
Fall From Grace
Paradise Lost · Obsidian
Boris · No
Red River
Lowrider · Refractions
Drowned In Torment
Bolt Thrower · Realm Of Chaos
Reckoning Force
Enforced · At The Walls