Powerchord Episode July 4, 2020

The Ghost of Covenant VI

1:00pm - 3:03pm

Coleman does some hard lamenting about the postponed Covenant fest.

Track Listing:

Bolzer · Aura
Flamme Hivernale
Serment · Chante, Ô Flamme de la Liberté
Path of the Fallen
Nordicwinter · Requiem
You Who Has Never Slept
Vile Creature · Glory! Glory! Apathy Took Helm
Commit to Carnage
Planetkiller · Commit to Carnage
Ineffable Winds
Spectral Voice · Anhedonist split.
Sun/War Club
Blue Hummingbird on the Left · Atl Tlachinolli
From Endless Chasms
The Ominous Circle · Appalling Ascension
Consumed Periphery
Fetid · Steeping Corporeal Mass
Eternal Oblivion
Grave Infestation · Infestation of Rotting Death
Reversed · Widow Recluse
All Shall Sway
Finite · All Shall Sway
Volahn · Desert Dances and Serpent Sermons
Opening the Gates to Blasphemic Domination
Diabolic Oath · Profane Death Exodus
Hymn of Perversion
Of Feather and Bone · Bestial Hymns of Perversion
Desecrated Tomb
Shrine of the Serpent · Entropic Disillusion