Powerchord Episode June 27, 2020

The Return

1:01pm - 3:01pm

Ian makes his triumphant return to the airwaves and attempts to grapple with recording the show at home on his laptop. In this episode, we’ve got new music from Smoulder, Spell, Mendozza, Haunt, Cauldron, Dopelord, Slift and others, plus a song off the newest record from veteran Bay Area thrashers Testament! We’ll dig into some heavy rock with a few prog, psych, and proto-metal touches like Blood Ceremony, Stonefield, Merlin, as well as some traditional ‘80’s style speed metal with Blade Killer and Riot City. We will get into a mini set of bestial black/war metal including Goatkraft and Superstition, plus a throwback track from Vancouver’s own Blasphemy from one of their highly influential demos. Plus, we’ll also dig a classic track from Teutonic thrash legends Destruction out of The Graveyard! Let’s get loud!!!

Track Listing:

Black Wizard · Young Wisdom
Dream Quest Ends
Smoulder · Dream Quest Ends
Merlin · The Mortal
The Great God Pan
Blood Ceremony · Living With The Ancients
Stonefield · Bent
Opulent Decay
Spell · Opulent Decay
Autumnal Snow
Book Of Wyrms · Remythologizer
Moonlight Gunnin’
Hemptress · Alchemy
Haunt · Flashback
High Risk
Blade Killer · High Risk
In The Dark
Riot City · Burn The Night
Cauldron · Undercover Of Moonlight
Hordes Of Damnation
Goatkraft · Sulphurous Northern Bestiality
Highly Attuned Beasts Of The Dark
Superstition · The Anatomy Of Unholy Transformation
Sadique Lunatique
Csejthe · L’Horreur De Cachtice
Fallen Angel Of Doom
Blasphemy · Fallen Angel Of Doom
Soul Nebula
Mendozza · Soul Nebula
Slift · Ummon
Hail Satan
Dopelord · Sign Of The Devil
Children Of The Next Level
Testament · Titans Of Creation
Curse Of The Gods
Destruction · Eternal Devestation
We Have Failed Us
Erosion · Maximum Siffering