Powerchord Episode June 20, 2020

Don't Mess with the Hornet's Nest

1:02pm - 3:02pm

Coleman ambles through another COVID sesh from his East Van abode. We play some protest tunes re. the BLM movement against racism and police brutality courtesy of Power Trip, Body Count, and Holy Grinder; some assorted new tunes from the likes of Sightless Pit, Ifernach, and Hyperdontia; plus a feature on the new split from Almyrkvi and (of course) The Ruins of Beverast. Get the FUCK into it.

Track Listing:

Hornet's Nest
Power Trip · Hornet's Nest
Point the Finger
Body Count · Carnivore
Get Killed / Dead Cop
Holy Grinder · Divine Extinction
Apathetic Dog
Lilim · Apathetic Dog
Ascending God's Spine
Ixaxaar Nexia · DEMO MMXX
Bloodlet // With Hammers and Horns
Nephilim's Noose · Rites of a Death Merchant
As If Tomorrow Shall Never Dawn
Begotten · If All You Have Known is Winter
Mémoires Septentrionales de Coureurs des Bois
Ifernach · Waqan
Downer Surrounded by Uppers
Mrs. Piss · Self Surgery
Miles of Chain
Sightless Pit · Grave of a Dog
Asomatous Grove
Almyrkvi · Split w. The Ruins of Beverast
Almyrkvi · Split w. The Ruins of Beverast
The Grand Nebula Pulse
The Ruins of Beverast · Split w. Almyrkvi
The Ruins of Beverast · Split w. Almyrkvi
Excreted From the Flesh
Hyperdontia · Excreted From the Flesh
Im Winterwald
Paysage d'Hiver · Im Wald