Powerchord Episode May 2, 2020

Salvation Smothered

1:00pm - 3:03pm

A whole schwack of new shit from Cauldron, Revenge, The Hallowed Catharsis, Cirith Ungol, and the new Whoredom Rife/Taake split. Plus a feature on new live releases, and an inquest into the idea and examples of "modern-classics".

Track Listing:

Moonlight Desires
Cauldron · Undercover of Moonlight
Salvation Smothered
Revenge · Strike.Smother.Dehumanize
Obliteration Sect
Ixaxaar Nexia · Demo MMXX
Year of the Long Pig
Akurion · Come Forth to Me
You Are My Sunshine
Thousand Arrows · You Are My Sunshine
The Vth Circle · I
Breeding Pits
The Hallowed Catharsis · Killowner
Well Fed Fuck
Thou & The Body · Everyday, Things are Getting Worse
I Am The Spell
Integrity · Live at Northwest Terror Fest
An Archer in the Emptiness
Inter Arma · Live at Club Congress
From Nameless Pagan Graves
Whoredom Rife · Pakt
Taake · Pakt
Piercing Where They Might
Lurker of Chalice · Lurker of Chalice
Watching From a Distance
Warning · Watching From a Distance
Cut Their Grain and Place Fire Therein
Weakling · Dead as Dreams
Unquestionable Presence
Atheist · Unquestionable Presence
Overkill · Under The Influence
Before Tomorrow
Cirith Ungol · Forever Black