Powerchord Episode April 11, 2020

Easter Cop Out

1:08pm - 3:08pm

Coleman throws together another home recorded show with a bunch of hella long players. We bookend the set with two half-hour masterpieces from Esoteric and Gorguts respectively, plus new Spell, Auroch, Panopticon and a live show that could have been: Year of the Cobra and Mendozza. And an Easter anthem from Deicide.

Track Listing:

Esoteric · A Pyrrhic Existence
Psychic Death
Spell · Opulent Decay
Coffin Nails
Auroch · Stolen Angelic Tongues
The Black Sunstone
Mendozza · Soul Nebula
The Divine
Year of the Cobra · Ash and Dust
Variation I.ii - Lethe
Sutrah · Aletheia
Rune's Heart
Panopticon · Nechochwen split
Pleiades' Dust
Gorguts · Pleiades' Dust
Once Upon the Cross
Deicide · Once Upon the Cross