Powerchord Episode March 7, 2020

Abject Darkness

12:59pm - 3:00pm

Coleman and his wee girl are in studio cranking out dark, heaviness of many varieties. We check out the new split from Anhedonist and Spectral Voice, recent local shows from Blackwater Burial, Blackwater Holylight, and upcoming shows from Vastum and Mayhem, plus shit loads more.

Track Listing:

Abject Darkness
Anhedonist · Split w. Spectral Voice
Ineffable Winds
Spectral Voice · Split w. Anhedonist
Degraded Being
Blackwater Burial · Degraded Being
Mother Cetacean
Drown · Subaqueous
Spawn of Man
Exterminatus · Laniakea
Dead Possessions
No Faith in Fortune · Designing Yesterday
Blackwater Holylight · Veils of Winter
Bort · The Unblinking Eye
Patricidal Lust
Vastum · Patricidal Lust
Human Jigsaw Puzzle
Grave Infestation · Infestation of Rotting Death
Radioactive Vomit · Witchblood
Turia · Degen van Licht
Fluisteraars · Bloem
Give In to Despair
Ritual Dictates · Give In to Despair
Mayhem · Deathcrush
Gatecreeper · Deserted
Give Me to the Night
Idle Hands · Mana
Filipojakubská noc na Štangarígelských skalách
Malokarpatan · Krupinské Ohne