Powerchord Episode February 22, 2020

Some Blackened Sludgey Misery

12:59pm - 3:02pm

Black Sabbath, Black Sabbath turned fifty last week and the God known as Tony Iommi had his birthday this week so that is where we will start, at the beginning of heavy metal. the rest of the show is pretty much new music from bands like Mendozza with their new release Soul Nebula, Weed Demon with The Elder Tree Pyre, brand new release from the Rough Spells and Religious Observance. Then we did an overview of the up coming shows All Hail The Mighty Church Of Misery for the first time in vancouver,also The Well, and R.I.P. and Blackwater Holylight. All Hail The Black Goat!!!

Track Listing:

Black Sabbath
Black Sabbath · Black Sabbath
Miles of Chain
Sightless Pit · Grave of a Dog
Pay your Dues
Rough Spells · Ruins at Midday
The Protector
Blackwater Holylight · Veils of Winter
Death March
Mendozza · Soul Nebula
Beyond the Tomb
Mendozza · Soul Nebula
Death and Consolation
The Well · Eyes of a God
Kingdom Scum
Church of Misery · Vol.1
RIP · In the Wind
Stone Men
Balkan · Stone Men
Entombed Black Earth
Purveyors of Sonic Doom · Entombed Black Earth
Yeast Infector
Religious Observance · Single
Pale Mare · Voidgazer
Rendered Blind
Koma · Through Blackened Veils
Cult of Domination
Grales · Demo 2019
The Elder Tree Prye
Weed Demon · Crater Maker
Tam mnie nie ubijesz
Luciferica · The Endless Hours
Blatni Rez
Left To Starve · Nikada se Nisam Bojao Zmija
Puavre Animal, Simple Pantin
Vous Autres · Champ Du Sang